Dog Trail

Dog Trail

Want to ski with your dog? Or want to explore the trails but don't have skis or snowshoes? No problem- try our new Dog Walking Trail!

Our popular "Tigger" Dog Walking Trail in memory of the late Marion Smith is 3.2km long and anything goes - skis, snowshoes, and yes, boots! Dogs are welcome on this trail and can be off-leash.

To access the Dog Walking Trail for the full season, please register online as an HRSC member (click on the 'Membership and Trail Fees' tab above). The daily Dog Trail fee for non-members is $5 per person. Fees can be paid in the dropbox by the trail entrance.

The Dog Walking Trail is not shown on the main ski trail map. The Dog Walking Trail starts at the last campground stall on the Ski Club access road (you will see a sign at the trailhead and outhouse). Follow the trail tracks to make the loop; signage at the junctions ensures you won't get lost!

Please note that walking with boots and dogs is NOT permitted past the junction with the Ricardo Loop (ski-only trails). Signage is posted to help you navigate with your furry friends!

Sponsorship for the "Tigger" Dog Walking Trail was generously provided by Carter Industries Ltd


The green dot on the map is the turn around point for the Dog Trail (follow the signs posted).

Dog Trail trailhead and deposit box


No dogs or walkers on the ski trails past this point! Signs for the Dog Trail will point you in the right direction, making a loop back to the trail entrance.