Welcome back - we're excited to kick off our 2020-21 ski season! Wondering what things will look like at the club this year because of COVID-19?

We ask that all HRSC members using the ski chalet follow the COVID-19 safety protocol signage for everyone's health and safety.


Here's the highlights:

  • Stay home if ill;
  • Do not enter the chalet if self-isolating for any reason (this includes another household member that is self-isolating);
  • Wear a mask inside the ski chalet at all times;
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry in the ski chalet;
  • Sign in upon arrival in the sign-in book (date, name, time) inside the ski chalet;
  • Clean and disinfect touched surfaces before leaving (e.g., bathroom, tables, kitchen counters);
  • Practice physical distancing;
  • Maximum capacity inside the ski chalet is 25 people;
  • Bring your own coffee/hot chocolate/ snacks. The communal kitchen is closed for now;
  • Bring your own thermos and cutlery.


Using equipment?

  • Sanitize your hands before using equipment
  • Wipe down equipment (skis, boots, poles, snowshoes, waxing supplies) with cleaning wipes after use


Using bathroom?

  • Sanitize your hands
  • Wipe down: taps, sink, light switch, door handle, toilet seat when finished (in this order please) with cleaning wipes


Using kitchen?

  • Bring your own thermos and cutlery
  • Bring your own coffee/hot chocolate/snacks
  • Clean and disinfect touched surfaces


These rules will be updated to follow the current public health guidelines.

Thank you for helping make this a succesful and safe ski season!