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Biathlon World Championships Silver Medal for Canada!


Nathan Smith Captures Silver in Kontiolahti Finland

Brendan Green Shoots Nine out of Ten for 21st Place in the 10 K Sprint


Canada is Rocking this Year’s Biathlon World Championships!


Norway’s Bo Brothers Share Podium with Canada’s Nathan Smith!

Biathlon Canada Press Release


Links to race results here: Final Results Competition Analysis

 World Championships Pursuit Results: Sunday, March 8, 2015

Faster Skier World Championships Pursuit News:

"Not far behind Smith was fellow Canadian Brendan Green, who advanced from 21st position to 16th after three rounds of clean shooting and one miss in his final standing stage. In the last loop Green could see Smith ahead of him and worked to keep his teammate in sight. Although he couldn’t catch Smith, he passed Jaroslav Soukup of the Czech Republic to gain a position, but was ultimately overcome by Dominik Landertinger of Austria before the finish.

Green said he was pleased with the pursuit despite the steady drizzle of rain that fell on competitors throughout the entire day. He explained that his shooting was near the best of the season.

“I’m really pumped with the shooting today. It was again really challenging conditions with the wind but I was able to handle that really well and able to execute what was a very good race on the range. It was one of the better ones of the season,” he said."

 Brendan Green Shoots Clean to Anchor the Canadian Mixed Biathlon Team to Twelfth Place Finish in the 2015 Biathlon World Championships Mixed Relay








Green Keeps Streak Alive: 50-for-50 on IBU World Cup with Career-Best Fifth in Antholz!



fasterskier.com/article/green-keeps-streak-alive-50-for-50-on-ibu- world-cup-with-career-best-fifth-in-antholz-sprint/!






November 26, 2014


Brendan and Rosanna Race for Canada 

Well it’s that time of year again, time to fit our life into one duffle bag, a ski bag and a rifle case! It’s been a busy couple months and a bit hard to believe that our first race will be this Sunday in Sweden! 


This will be a short up date, mostly to let you know where you can keep track of Brendan and my results and where you can watch races if you’re an early bird! 


http://www.biathlonworld.com/en/ - This is the International Biathlon Union website, where you can see race schedule, results and watch a live feed with no commentary during races. 


http://www.fromhot.com - I know this link looks funny but it’s a great spot to watch live races with english commentary. You just scroll down until you see Biathlon and the first one usually has english commentary! 


Here’s a list of our races and what time (CET) from now until Christmas. Please let us know if you are going to be in Europe and near by, we’d love to have some Canadian fans in the stands and can get you tickets :)!  


Ostersund, Sweden 


Nov 30th - Mixed relay 3:30pm 

Dec 3rd - Men 20km Individual 5:15pm 

Dec 4th - Women 15km Individual 5:15pm 

Dec 6th - Men 10km Sprint 11:30am and Women 7.5km Sprint 2:45pm

Dec 7th - Men 12.5km Pursuit 11:00am and Women 10km Pursuit 1:30pm 


Hochfilzen, Austria 


Dec 12th - Women 7.5km Sprint 11:30am and Men 10km Sprint 2:30pm 

Dec 13th - Women 4X6km Relay 11:00am and Men 4X7.5km Relay 2:30pm

Dec 14th - Women 10km Pursuit 11:30am and Men 12.5km Pursuit 2:30pm


Pokljuka, Slovenia 


Dec 18th - Women 7.5km Sprint 2:25pm 

Dec 19th - Men 10km Sprint 2:25pm 

Dec 20th - Women 10km Pursuit 11:15am and Men 12.5km Pursuit 1:30pm

Dec 21st - Women 12.5km Mass Start 11:30am and Men 15km Mass Start 1:30pm 


This Sunday is the mixed relay in Sweden, where two women and two men get to race together! Brendan and I will be taking part in this race. 


Thanks for all your support!







October 31, 2014


October 14, 2014 (14/10/14)

Welcome to the Hay River Ski Club 2014 - 2015 Season!

This archive photo says it all!  For Tenille and Davida Patterson, pictured below, the ski season started weeks ago!  The biathlon group have been at the range for some time now.  Davida is using a brand new rifle generously sponsored by Carter Industries.   The first snow will soon be here.  Pat Bobinski has the trails mowed and ready.  A record number of Bunny and Jackrabbit skiers signed up at 'Make the Connection' night in September.  We are all looking forward to getting on skis!  That may be as soon as in a week or two!  Yahooo :o).  


August 16, 2014

Brendan Green and Rosanna Crawford Place Near the Top at the North American Summer Sprint Championships in Vermont - August 16, 2014

North American Biathlon Summer Roller Ski Champioships - Vermont

Sprint Results

June 19, 2014,

Congratulations! Hay River biathlete, Andrew Lirette, awarded Northwest Territories Junior Athlete of the Year 2013-2014

Sport North Awards Celebrations:  Andrew Lirette wins top NWT Junior Male Athlete award and Hay River athlete, Bryn Hill, is recognized as top Junior Female Athlete for 2013-2014.  

 Exciting results for Hay River this season!  Well done Andrew and Bryn!!


Awards Presentation:

Left to Right:  George Tuccaroo, Michael Gilday, Andrew Lirette, Brendan Green

Below:  Brendan Green, Andrew Lirette, Michael Gilday

Hay River Ski Club's Andrew Lirette's Acceptance Speech at Sport North Awards Banquet


Bryn Hill and Andrew Lirette with Sport North Athlete of the Year Awards

Hello Arctic Winter Games Team NWT and welcome Spring!! 


I hope that as you look back on the Games and your experiences that they are filled with many positive and fun filled memories!   If you are still looking for some photos from the Games, I am familiar with the following three sites…check them out as I am confident that you will find your picture several times over!!









On behalf of my fellow coaches, Ted, Katy and Lorraine; and our Mission Staffer Greg, I wanted to again let you know that we are all very proud of your efforts and the positive way that you represented our territory while in Alaska!   We competed hard, and we enjoyed the time that we shared in Fairbanks - thank you for being such fine ambassadors for our sport!


Thank you as well to the many, many people who have dedicated so much time into making it all possible for us!   To Doug, Billy, Melanie, Rita, Lyric, Shari at Sport North….to Pat, Doug, Robert, Clell, Bruce, Dorothy, Ellie, Bob, Ashley, Shirley with NWT Biathlon & the Hay River Ski Club….to the countless organizers and volunteers in Fairbanks….our biathletes will never truly understand  the extent of your work and volunteerism that helped make it all possible…again we thank you!


I also hope that your Games experience motivates you to continue to train and to work hard in sport.  For our younger athletes, you may very well have the opportunity to represent the NWT in biathlon in two years in Greenland!  Very cool!  Competition will be tough, so continue to dedicate yourself to your training even now in the months and two years to come.  Can’t get enough of that dry firing  J


Lastly I hope that your AWG experience helps you to continue to make positive choices in your own personal lives….as an athlete or maybe even one day as a coach or volunteer.  You are all leaders and role models within your own communities, and I challenge you to do your best to give back - just as many others have done and are doing for you!  None of us would get there on our own!


It was truly a privilege to be your Head Coach at the Games!  Thank you, best wishes, and hopefully see you again on the Range soon!





Hello everyone!   Here are a few of the snaps from tonight's practice with
Brendan and Rosanna!   There are pics of the start of the relay,  as well of
each relay team with one of our two Olympians, and a couple of the group
shots that we took afterwards as well.

A huge thank you to Brendan and Rosanna for spending the evening with us,
for the World Cup bibs (hence the name for the relay) for each athlete and
for all the photos & autographs.  You certainly provided the athletes with a
most memorable evening indeed - it was smiles and laughs all around despite
the cold temperatures!!

 Chuck, Robert and Team












31st Annual Ptub: Skiers Brave the Cold in an


Awesome Sunday Freestyle Event

Results from Sunday, March 30 Ptub: Zone4 Link














Too cold to go today!  Chilly conditions turn Ptub racing into a


Sunday event.

Welcome home Brendan!  


Happy to have you here for Ptub 2014 Rosanna!

Note from Brendan Green:  

"Just landed back in Canada last night and will start driving tomorrow.  Looking forward to being home!"


Crawford Bounces Back from Crash with First Career Top-

10 - Canada Celebrates New Depth of Women’s Team


March 23, 2014 By Chelsea Little


OSLO, Norway– Rosanna Crawford wasn’t even sure she was going to start today’s 12.5 k mass start, the final competition of the World Cup biathlon season.

Yesterday, she was knocked down by a Russian coach during the pursuit competition, and at the time she said she re-injured a sprained thumb. With a little more time to assess the injuries, she realized that she had now hurt the other thumb, and re-aggrvated a back injury as well.

“She is bothered a little bit with that crash from yesterday,” Canadian head coach Matthias Ahrens said while watching Crawford battle out the final loop of the mass start, which she eventually decided to compete in. “The physio was working on her, but she feels it. Hopefully now the adrenaline keeps it out.”

That seemed to be the case, as Crawford had a penalty in the first prone stage but then cleaned all the rest of her targets and skied to the best result of her career: ninth place. She had been waiting for a top ten all season, and come close in the sprint here on Thursday when she placed 11th.

“To finally achieve the goal of top ten, and 19 for 20, I’m very happy,” Crawford said. “It’s a good way to end the season, especially when I was debating not starting this morning.”

As it turned out, the injuries didn’t hamper her too much.

Rosanna Crawford leaves the range after a clean standing stage en route to the first World Cup top-10 of her career, in the 12.5 k mass start at Holmenkollen.

“Normal,” she said with reference to her skiing. “I think that it almost kind of helped. It took off so much pressure. I thought, okay, whatever, you just have to go out there and survive and make it to the finish line. So that kind of helped things along.”

While he was clearly nervous about whether Crawford would be able to ski at her usual level, Ahrens was also distinctly unworried, because he knew she had the mental aspect down.

“She definitely was worried,” Ahrens said. “But she has a good attitude. She can put the hammer down and go.”

Crawford said that the miss in the first prone stage did not concern her, and the information she got next actually made her more confident.

“They showed me my group on the board, and it was perfectly centered, I just yanked the last shot,” she said. “So I knew to just keep it smooth to the next ones. And then to just take it slow in standing. I find when there’s other girls around me, I kind of get caught up with hearing all the shots and thinking that I need to fire my shots off, so I really took it nice and slow and smooth.”

Teammate Zina Kocher was the one grabbing attention in the beginning of the race. After cleaning both prone stages, she was skiing in second place, chasing Laura Dahlmeier of Germany and getting lots of TV time.

“That was really solid,” she said of her prone shooting. “My strategy was to just stay in control and stay calm, and it worked for half of the race.”

Once she hit standing, things began to deteriorate as she missed three shots in each stage.

“Then I just, I don’t even know what happened,” she said. “I think I got excited. And then I took too long. Then I started shaking. I just got really nervous.”

Kocher dropped to 29th place out of 30 racers after the final stage, but climbed back up to 21st by the finish. Despite the disaster in standing, she was able to take positives away from the race and hopes to put herself in the same position next year.

“It was really exciting,” she said. “I hope that I can repeat that next year and successfully mentally stay there.”

Plus, having two Canadian women in a mass start race is a first. Both Kocher and Crawford have competed in mass starts before, but they have never been racing well enough at the same time to qualify together.

“It’s really exciting and it shows such a lot of development in our team,” Kocher said of Crawford’s result. “Two of us in the mass start to begin with, that’s a huge improvement in the entire program in many many years.”

“Rosanna and Zina have had great seasons,” Biathlon Canada High Performance Director Chris Lindsay wrote in an e-mail. “The goal was to be fast for the Olympics and they were able to achieve this goal. The confidence achieved in Sochi, despite a few disappointments, has clearly carried through to the final World Cup races. Obviously the physical preparation has worked – but we are also seeing a level of maturity and mental toughness that has allowed them to legitimately fight among the best biathletes in the world. Nothing about today’s performance, last week’s performance, or this season’s performance is a surprise.”

Like Kocher, American biathlete Susan Dunklee also had six penalties. She placed 18th.

“In the mass start, I struggled with the shooting and had one particularly poor standing stage,” she said in a United States Biathlon Association press release. “But I finished with a clean stage and strong fight on the last loop. I had a good run of things at the end of the season and will be headed into the summer with a lot of good motivation.”


Congratulations Hay River Ski Club racing stars!

Hay River Ski Club's Andrew Lirette takes bronze medal in ski biathlon at Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks.  Event results: Six Km Sprint 

Clell Crook races to podium, finishing with a bronze ulu in the 4 km mass start snowshoe biathlon event at the Fairbanks, Alaska, Arctic Winter Games.  Link to results.


Kaed Blake and Clell Crook along with Jay Wright and Destiny Robert took the bronze medal for team Northwest Territories in the 3 x 2 km snowshoe biathlon relay event. Results link.









Rosanna Crawford places eleventh in Oslo World Cup Sprint event.  Best ever world cup result for honorary Hay River ski club biathlete!  Link here for results.

Sold out crowds at Oslo, Norway world cup biathlon sprint event, March 20, 2014.


**Note from Coach Lirette**

Good Sunday evening everyone!

THANK YOU for a terrific camp this weekend!  Your coaches certainly feel that it was very successful and will be instrumental to our performance and some good results next week in Fairbanks!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped in so many ways this weekend - coaches, officials, timers, gun runners, trails & facilities, meals, registration & results,
clothing, rifle and equipment checks, transportation... it is a pleasure to be part of such a dedicated group and all in support of our athletes!   What a team we have at the HRSC!!

A very special THANK YOU to Pat (see attached picture) for his continued dedication and leadership with the sport of biathlon right across the north!

Attached are the pictures that we took on Saturday....we will be joined by Jack in Alaska and will have a full team picture then (with coaches too!) ... and Camille's picture in the team photo is way better than the one that we

all voted on this weekend!

Results from the Polar Cup/NWT Biathlon Championship race can be viewed on-line at  http://zone4.ca/results.asp?id=6634

As we discussed at our team meeting today, start to plan for your trip to YK and then Fairbanks now!  Make sure all of your biathlon gear is ready for competition....the rifles will all need a cleaning after all the snow this past weekend!  Don't leave it to the last evening!!

Watch for travel and Games updates as I get them this week....safe travels home and see you in YK next Saturday!








Canadian biathletes Rosanna Crawford and Zina Kochur race to personal bests for 2014 season in Slovenian world cup pursuit. Link.

Note home with photos from Brendan and Rosanna: That's A Wrap

Brendan Green Olympic Wrap -  Awesome! Link

CBC Radio Loren McGinnis Interview With Brendan Friday, Feb. 28 Link

Warmer days are just ahead... and so is our annual family ski event, the Ptub invitational.  :o)



With Two Top-Ten Finishes in Olympic Mass Start, Canadian Biathlon Proves Its Mettle

Brendan Green (CAN) leading Tim Burke (USA) in the Olympic men's mass start. Green went on to place 9th, the best Olympic result of his career.

Brendan Green (CAN) leading Tim Burke (USA) in the Olympic men’s mass start. Green went on to place 9th, the best Olympic result of his career.

FasterSkier’s coverage is made possible through the generous support of Swix.

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia – When three Canadian went to the start line of today’s 15 k mass start, they were already doing something big. Never before had so many Canadian men qualified for the format, which is limited to 30 racers, and definitely not at the Olympics.

Like much that has happened to the Canadian team this week – Jean Philippe Le Guellec’s crash that broke a ski while he was leading the Olympic pursuit comes to mind – things didn’t work out perfectly. In a strange version of déjà vu, teammate Nathan Smith got tangled up with two other racers and crashed, also ripping a binding off his ski just as Le Guellec had.

Neither Smith nor Simon Fourcade of France, also in the crash, finished the race. So while Canada may have started three men, they only finished two.

But what a pair it was: Brendan Green passed Le Guellec on the final loop to finish ninth, while Le Guellec placed tenth (stay tuned for a separate story on Le Guellec later).

“I think for the men, this is the best result [ever at the Olympics],” said Biathlon Canada Head Coach Matthias Ahrens. “I’m pretty sure.”

It was particularly gratifying because it was the last individual race at the international level for Le Guellec, who is retiring at the end of this season. To finish in the top ten, along with a teammate, was one the best ways he could end – besides a medal, of course.

“This is JP’s last hurrah, his last individual race,” Green said, adding that he gave Le Guellec a “big hug” in the finish pen. “So to finish in the top ten together, that’s special. And he has been a great role model for me, an inspiration. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. It’s a nice way for him to go out.”

The Canadian men have showed potential for top finishes throughout the Games so far. In the opening race, a sprint, Le Guellec placed fifth and Smith 13th. In the pursuit, Smith moved up to 11th. They knew, they said, that there was the opportunity to place several men in the top ten – or even better.

“For sure that was our hope,” said Le Guellec’s coach, Jean Paquet. “Once we got in and we saw that we had one in the top five, and the other guys were skiing very well, well enough to finish in the top ten, yes, we were confident.”

Jean Philippe Le Guellec pushing through "nightmare conditions" in today's mass start to finish 10th.

Jean Philippe Le Guellec pushing through “nightmare conditions” in today’s mass start to finish 10th.

Today, though? Maybe not. After having this race delayed for two days straight due to heavy fog that obscured the targets, the men woke up to see snow falling outside – heavy, wet snow. That didn’t make anyone particularly excited. Le Guellec later described them as “nightmare conditions” that don’t suit his technique.

“After the races last week I knew my form was good,” Green said. “I knew the potential was there to have a better race. To be honest, I didn’t think it would come today with these conditions. I usually have a really tough time when the snow is deep and slushy, and that sort of thing. Usually this isn’t my game.”

Yet he soon found himself right in the thick of things. Despite starting in bib 28, in the very last row of the mass start, and getting pinched in the first corner, Green started moving up.

“Just the way the trains worked out, I was able to get in the mid pack early on,” he said. “There was a crash on the first downhill that took out Nathan. I was able to get around that okay. So I just tried to slowly work my way through.”

With a penalty in each of the first two stages, Green was hovering around 20th. But he cleaned each of his standing stages to move into 17th, then 11th, and finally skied the sixth-fastest last loop to pass Le Guellec and Anton Shipulin of Russia, securing ninth place and the second-best international result of his career.

Yet for Canada, there is a distinct sense of what might have happened. Just as in the pursuit, Le Guellec was skiing in the top six for a large chunk of the race. He was derailed by a penalty, but also by getting snow stuck in his rifle sight during the third stage, which required some work and gave him a 45-second shooting stage. Fast shooting is usually Le Guellec’s key to success. One stage earlier he had come in with a large pack, and cleaned his targets faster than anyone to move into second place.

“It’s always a mixed feeling because they knew they were good, but they also knew they were close,” Paquet, a former athlete himself, said of Le Guellec and Green. “So they are disappointed about the small mistakes they did, like missing one shot too many. That’s what they are disappointed about. It’s a mixed feeling because they are so close, and they know they were right there.”

Biathlon Canada is in serious need of medals, as its funding from Own the Podium is contingent on performance. Today was yet another might-have-been day.

Brendan Green skied the sixth-fastest last loop to move into ninth place.

Brendan Green skied the sixth-fastest last loop to move into ninth place.

“I knew that we needed clean shooting,” Paquet said. “When I heard Brendan missing one and one, no. And I knew JP needed to be clean all four stages, and nice and fast. He had a shooting time of 45 seconds. We knew it needed to be a perfect race. It wasn’t there completely. Top ten is great, but we knew what we needed to have to finish even better.”

But everyone involved was able to look at the positives of the men’s strong races.

“Brendan’s performance today was just outstanding,” Biathlon Canada High Performance Director Chris Lindsay said after the race. “His ski speed was fantastic, especially for him with his history of weakness this season in standing shooting in the later part of the races. Seeing him be able to really tighten it up at the end was a clear indicator that the whole team is ready and set for the relay.”

(Le Guellec and Smith have opted to sit out the mixed relay and rest up the men’s relay, which will be a priority race for Canada. After a time trial among the women today, Canada has selected Megan Imrie and Rosanna Crawford to team up with Green and Scott Perras in tomorrow’s mixed relay.)

With Le Guellec retiring at the end of this season, it was particularly gratifying for the Canadians to see Green’s performance. He spent almost a year and a half recovering from a serious back injury, but has proved himself on the biggest stage in biathlon. That makes it easier for Green to guess that he’ll stay in the sport a few more years.

“This season I had a lot of question marks with the back, and how the body would respond and feel, and that sort of thing,” Green said. “But I seem to be back in my old form and racing well. And when you’re racing well it’s a lot of fun. There’s a World Cup in Canmore in 2016. So I think if I’m healthy I’d like to race that, and bring my career full circle and probably end there.”

And even though Smith didn’t finish the race, the very fact that he made it into the mass start in his first Olympics was a positive sign for Canada’s development pipeline. Smith had never made the top 30 in a World Cup race before this season, but had racked up seven such results before the Olympics even began. From the outside he would not have been a good pick to finish twice in the top 15 in this year’s Games.

“We were not worried about Nathan’s performance at the end of last year, even though it was not on par compared to the season before with his three wins on the IBU Cup,” Lindsay said. “But everyone’s allowed to have an off year. We look forward to him being one of the role models and leaders for the next two years.”

In fact, Lindsay said, having a mix of performances at this Olympics both from veterans like Green and Le Guellec and from newcomers like Smith is a strong advertisement for the federation’s development strategy.

“It shows that the program is working, and that we need to continue putting efforts in the same way that we have been and not radically change what we’re doing,” Lindsay said. “The approach with one unified training center, a lot of focus in what the coaches are doing, and a lot of control given to those coaches, is what’s getting us the results. The longer we do this, the more results we’ll get.”

Regardless of how the team got to where it is, Green is just happy to be part of a best-ever day.

“We made some history today I guess,” Green said. “It’s so awesome. It’s a sign that we are strong and have some depth. And hopefully our future is bright.”


In a big Olympic Individual 20 Km race Thursday,  Hay River's Brendan Green was just two shots away from the olympic biathlon podium. Exciting results!  18 out of 20 on the day,  Brendan has everyone back home, north of 60, cheering!  

Congratulations on a terrific first half to your Sochi 2014 Olympics, Brendan!  

The Hay River Cross Country Ski Club, Brendan Green and his family would like to take this opportunity to send a heart felt thank you out to the community of Hay River for all the awesome support throughout these olympics and over the years:  whether through sponsorships and financial backing, facility building and maintenance, program support from the Government of the Northwest Territories, coaching at all levels, biathlon/ski event volunteering, ski club executive work, development camps and race organization, group training exercises with the Hay River biathlon team,  media coverage - print, radio, TV- Hay River service club contributions and much, much more.  It takes a community to raise an Olympic biathlete.  Mahsi Cho! 

Stepping up for Brendan :o)






Super A  is rounding up at the till for Brendan Green and Minor Hockey - Awesome community spirit.  Thank you Super A and Super A shoppers!

Super A's Jeff, Steve, Tracy and John show their community spirit in support of Hay River amateur sport.




Kingland Ford, pictured below with Spencer and team, has been a majour Brendan Green sponsor for years.                     Thank you Kingland! 

Norland Insurance Agencies Ltd are a majour Brendan Green sponsor.  Pictured below, receiving a signed, framed, olympic 2010 racing bib are Norland's Jamie and Mark Harris with Hay River Ski Club's David MacDonald and Pat Bobinski.  Thank you Norland! 

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation has been a majour sponsor of northern athletics for years.  NTPC has been onside for Hay River olympian, Brendan Green since Vancouver 2010.   Pictured below, Power Corp's Emanuel DaRosa and Glenn Smith receive a signed framed olympic 2010 bib from Brendan Green - presented by Hay River Cross Country Ski Club's David Mac Donald and Bob White. 


David Mac Donald (pictured below) along with Bob Halifax have worked for years to ensure that Brendan Green would have enough resources to be able to stay competing on the world cup biathlon scene.  This outstanding behind the scenes work over many years is a credit to these Hay River community leaders.  Thank you David and Bob!


Wally Schumann of Poison Painting has been creating and donating Brendan Green banners and promotional materials for years.  As Wally first said in multiple Brendan photo banners on the sides of vans, buildings and banners, " Brendan is an inspiration to all northern youth" .  Your support for Brendan is an inspiration to us all.  Mahsi cho!


The Government of the Northwest Territories through its sports and recreation programs, run through agencies like Sport North and the Department of Sport and Recreation have a lot to celebrate with Michael Gilday and Brendan Green, both NWT born and raised,  representing Canada at the Sochi 2014 olympic games.  Both Gilday and Green are graduates of many very successful territorial sporting programs, Arctic Winter Games, Canada Winter Games.   Three cheers for the priority that the GNWT has placed on developing healthy, active communities across the north.  



Le Guellec One-Ups Previous Olympic Best with Fifth in Biathlon Sprint; Three Canadians in Top 25

SOCHI, Russia – In Vancouver, Canada, four years ago, Jean Philippe Le Guellec made history in by placing sixth in the sprint, the best finish by a Canadian man in an Olympic biathlon race.

After winning a World Cup sprint at the beginning of the 2012-2013 season, hopes were high that he could do even better for Canada here in Sochi, perhaps even winning the men’s team’s first medal (legendary fellow Québécois Myriam Bedard won bronze in 1992 and two golds in 1994).

Le Guellec may not have gone quite that far in today’s 10 k sprint, but he came very close – and his eventual fifth-place finish still upped his Canadian record by one spot. Le Guellec cleaned all ten of his targets, had the fastest shooting time of the field in his prone stage, and skied the ninth-fastest course time to land 9.7 seconds behind Ole Einar Bjørndalen of Norway, who captured his sixth Olympic gold medal.

“It definitely breaks the ice,” Le Guellec said of his performance. “If you think back to Vancouver, it was just awesome that I could shoot clean [today]. In Vancouver I had one penalty…. Performance-wise, [today] was an awesome race.”

It wasn’t just Le Guellec who had team Canada smiling. In his first Olympic appearance, Nathan Smith finished 13th after also shooting clean. Brendan Green picked up a single penalty to place 23rd, while Scott Perras finished 74th with a frustrating three penalties.

To accomplish his fifth-place result, Le Guellec had to stick to a very specific strategy. When the Canadians raced here in Sochi at the World Cup last season, Le Guellec told FasterSkier that he “definitely [had] my work cut out for me given the profile of the course.” The Canadian didn’t feel at the time that the huge hills played to his strengths as a skier.

Nathan Smith of Canada finished 13th in the first Olympic race of his career.

Nathan Smith of Canada finished 13th in the first Olympic race of his career.

“The course is very difficult,” he said. “We have an uphill right here out of the range, and we have another really big uphill behind the range. And the downhills, there’s no rest on this course. It’s a continuous grind.”

But with a conscious strategy – “you have to be disciplined” – Le Guellec completely turned things around in just a single season. Today he started conservatively, ranked just 25th after cleaning his prone stage. But little by little, he ratcheted up the ski speed. His middle lap was the eighth-fastest of the field, and his closing lap the sixth-fastest.

“It’s really easy to start the race, be a little overzealous, and blow up on the third lap,” Le Guellec said. “It’s not something you want, because these hills are, pardon my French, it sucks. You don’t want to blow up in there. You really have to be careful.”

By the time he left his standing stage, he was ranked fourth. With a bib 65, it was unlikely that he would be surpassed by later starters. He pushed as hard as he could on the final loop in his bid for Canada’s first men’s medal.

“On the last lap I kept getting splits where I was two seconds from third, six seconds from first, and it was like that every time I passed one of the techs,” Le Guellec said.

There was a lot of moving around in the final 3.3 kilometers of the race. Le Guellec put a few seconds on Simon Eder of Austria, who had been ranked third but dropped to seventh by the finish. However, Bjørndalen and Dominik Landertinger of Austria had even faster last laps and moved into first and second, respectively. Jaroslav Soukup of the Czech Republic, who had been the leader after the standing stage, ended up with the bronze medal and Anton Shipulin of Russia in fourth place.

“Then when I crossed the line in fifth I was honestly a bit disappointed at first,” Le Guellec admitted. “But performance-wise I couldn’t have pushed any more on the last lap. I gave it my all and that’s the game, that’s sports.”

With his clean shooting, it would have been reasonable to expect a better result than he’d had in Vancouver, where he attained a similar placing despite one penalty. But the Sochi shooting range is considered quite easy, with a gradual approach to the range and high retaining walls breaking the wind. The entire field had relatively strong shooting: the top 24 men were either clean or had a single penalty.

Le Guellec is an expert shot. His sprint victory in Östersund, Sweden, in 2012 came when he cleaned his targets in windy conditions which tripped up the rest of the field. On this easy range, you might think that Le Guellec’s skills were less at a premium. Yet that’s not how he sees it.

“On the contrary, I think that it’s really important to hit ten out of ten…. you look at [Bjorndalen] and he had one penalty,” Le Guellec said. “The others were without penalties. So what you have to do to win is just like any other course.”

Now, the Canadians know that they can do what it takes to win.

“Those two and a half or three weeks that we had in between [the World Cup and Olympics], you start to get restless and anxious,” Green said. “The last few days, we’re all here and just wondering if our form is there or not. I think today was a good sign that we’re skiing well. As long as you drop the targets, we’re capable of good results like JP and Nathan.”

As for Le Guellec, his mind seemed to be fairly swimming with the possibilities he and his teammates had created for himself: Monday’s pursuit race is based on the results from the sprint. He will start 9.7 seconds out of the lead, Smith 36 seconds out, and Green 58 seconds out.

The sprint and pursuit results, along with those from the individual race, will also be tallied into a Games-long ranking. The top 30 athletes from that list will be taken into the mass start competition. The top three Canadians have all positioned themselves well to earn that honor.

“It’s going to be great leaving in fifth on Monday, with nine seconds to the lead,” Le Guellec said. “And after that, we have the individual, which is also a very promising race. Mixed relay, relay, you name it, we have so many events. The chances are there, you just have to jump on it.”


Just in.... an email from Rosanna and Brendan in Europe :o).  One week until Opening Ceremonies 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi, Russia.....

Hello all! 

One week to go for the opening ceremonies! We had a great week training in Antholz, and are on the tail end of our week here in Seefeld. There's been great snow and some fun skiing on new trails. My parents made a quick stop over here for two nights before heading off to Dobbiacco to see Chandra race in a World Cup before the Games. It was great to get some hugs and catch up! 

Once Brendan and I land in Sochi we won't be doing much of emailing or facebook/tweeting. But please keep on emailing us and sending your messages our way. It's great to hear from everyone and know you're cheering for us! 

Here is the Olympics schedule again. I haven't put race times because people are on so many different time zones! And a link to the CBC TV listing, looks like they will be showing Biathlon races! 

http://olympics.cbc.ca/broadcast-schedule/index.html Just put in your time zone at the top!

If we can Brendan and I will be tweeting so you can follow us at - 

or my facebook page - 


2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi, Russia - 

Feb 7th - Opening Ceremonies 

Feb 8th - men 10km Sprint

Feb 9th - women 7.5km Sprint

Feb 10th - men 12.5km Pursuit 

Feb 11th - women 10km Pursuit 

Feb 13th - men 20km Individual 

Feb 14th - women 15km Individual 

Feb 16th - men 15km Mass Start

Feb 17th - women 12.5km Mass Start

Feb 19th - Mixed Relay 2X6km+2X7.5km

Feb 21st - women 4X6km Relay

Feb 22nd - men 4X6.5km Relay


Hay River Ski Club at the Ft. Macpherson Arctic Winter Games Snowshoe Trials - January 23 - January 25

Congratulations  Hay River and Ft. Smith athletes and coaches!  Coaches:Orlanda Patterson, Coach/Chaperone – Hay River, Suzanne Sihikal, Coach/Chaperone – Fort Smith, Clell Crook, Hay River, AWG Snowshoe Coach. Athletes:  Callista Burke, Ft. Smith, Davida Patterson, Trieva Plamonon, Kjel Crook, Hay River.  Link here to the news from this year's Arctic Winter Games snowshoe trials in Ft. Macpherson.   Photos of participants below:

Hay River's Kjel Crook

Ft. Smith's Callista Burke (below)

(Below, left) Davida Patterson                        (Below, right) Trieva Plamondon


Join us at the Hay River Cross Country  Ski Club for Chinese New Year Celebrations - The Year of the Horse.

Carl will be putting together one of his delectable original dishes. The clubhouse will be magically transformed with celebretory red and gold decorations. Streaming chinese lanterns .... steaming tasty rice.   Dinner is served at 7:00 pm, but come by 6:00 ish and ski or snowshoe before.  Come by 6 ish and just hang out and visit. :o) 

This is our club's yearly gathering to celebrate our good fortune, good fellowship .... and a great buffet ;o).

Tickets are $25 each.  We are limited to 40 tickets due to building codes, so get your tickets early at the Public Library or by contacting Ellie Baxter.    

See you at the Ski Club, Saturday, February 1!  

People born in Horse years (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906) are bright, cheerful, popular, and fun loving. They find people and crowds exciting, and love parties. Horse’s childish innocence, sunny disposition, and natural charm attract many friends. Horse is a highly intuitive animal, so people born in Horse year follow their hunches. Their keen judgment and natural intuition often help them make the right decisions throughout their life. Usually they don’t need to struggle in order to succeed and obtain the fine things life has to offer.


All the best to the Canadian Olympic Biathlon team, as they prepare for Sochi 2014 - anticipation and excitement here are already in the red zone!!!! 

Great Turn Out at the Hay River Cross Country Ski Club Sunday for World Snow Day.

The club house was rocking on Sunday, January 19 th, with snowshoers, skiers and biathletes. There was a bustle of action with folks registering for lessons, the jackrabbit/ bunny program and signing on to volunteer to assist with upcoming events.  The weather cooperated with a 'not too chilly' afternoon and while some people tested out new gear, others were happy for the opportunity to visit and get together with the throng of club members who had gathered for the occasion. 

Thank you to Gary Hoffman for ploughing out the road and parking lot.  The Elks continue to cover the costs for gas and plough to support Gary's generous volunteer time as master commander of the big yellow grader :o).

Our thanks to the Hay River Hub's Sarah Ladik for coming out to the club on Sunday to cover the 'Snow Day' event for a story in this week's Hub Newspaper.  The Hub is one of the ski club's major ongoing sponsors.  Our annual PTUB community ski races celebrated thirty continuous years last spring.  The Ptarmigan Inn and Hub newspaper continue to support this great community event.  PTUB Thirty-One is scheduled for March 29, 30 this year.  Olympians, Brendan Green and Rosanna Crawford are planning to be here for this year's event.  Exciting!

January 28, 2014 - 7:00 pm was set as a date for complimentary ski lessons.  We'll introduce and/or refresh classic and skate ski technique, go over waxing strategies and open up to provide answers to all questions relating to cross country skiing.  

Anne-Marie Boureois, the amazing new town physio, has been working with our ski biathletes on technique.  She is going to be in charge of the club's Jackrabbit and Bunny program which will be starting up in a few weeks.  More info will be available on this site soon :o).

Pat Bobinski, newly elected Hay River Cross Country Ski Club president and formidable trail boss will be setting new trails today, Monday, January 20.  He will be working on a grid in the stadium/start up area for those who'd like to practice their diagonal stride technique with others.  There are many club members who would be happy to share technique tips.  Just come out to the club and the connections can be made.  :o)

For those who are just getting organized for this year's skiing, we have four good months of beautiful trail skiing ahead.  Club membership can be organized by clicking the link at the top of the page on this hayriverskiclub.com web site.  Family Membership for the year is a very affordable $85 and individuals can sign up for $55.   Membership fees go towards paying Cross Country Canada for safety insurance, with the remainder going towards maintaining the clubhouse and facility.   All members are invited to learn where the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, dish soap, etc. are stored and everyone is encouraged to pitch in to keep our very special home away from home tidy, sparkling and bright for the enjoyment of all members and guests.

 Looking forward to some warmer weather and some fine recreational time out at the club.  See you on the trails!

Antholz Italy: World Cup Biathlon Racing Weekend

10 K Sprint Result  Link  Brendan Makes Top Ten - 8 th

12.5 K Pursuit Result  Link  Top Twenty for Brendan - 18 th

Men's Relay Result - Team Video  Link  Sixth Place!  Results Link.   Go Team Canada Go!!!  Go Brendan Go!

Best Ever Relay Result for Canada Today In Antholz!!!  

Green uses two extra bullets and overtakes Norway in the third leg to move Canada into 4th at the pass! 

Awesome Sprint Result for Brendan Green!

Link to Biathlon World Cup Antholz 10 K Sprint News Story.

Brendan Green continued his remarkable comeback from double-back surgery by storming to a career-best result after finishing eighth at the Biathlon World Cup in Anthoz-Anterselva, Italy on Friday.


“This is a sweet feeling for sure and great to be back”, said Green, of Hay River, N.W.T., who missed last year due to injury. “This being the last World Cup for us before the Olympics is definitely a good sign I’m where I want to be.”



Brendan Green placed 8th in Antholz, Italy, World Cup 10 K sprint (Friday, January 17).  Link to results.  This best ever finish for Brendan competing against the world's very top biathletes sets the stage for an amazing Sochi Olympics 2014.  Go Canada go!!

Brendan's next race will be tomorrow, Saturday, January 18, at 6:30 am NWT time.  Live viewing on the web can be found at biathlonworld.com.  Brendan will start in eighth position, thirty-six seconds back of the leader, in tomorrow's pursuit race.  A good day would give Brendan a shot at the final 6 flower ceremony and even a podium placing.  Tune in to cheer on your Hay River, Northwest Territories biathlon phenom!  

The Town of Hay River team did a test run broadcast at the Don Stewart arena this morning and we are good to go for a live broadcast of Brendan's first Olympic 2014 race - the 10 K sprint, Saturday, February 8.  Race start time on February 8 will be 7:30 am. The screens will be set up in the community hall with a Sport North sponsored pancake breakfast for everyone who comes out to cheer Brendan on!  Wear your Canadian green!!

Northern skiers, Jesse Cockney and Emily Nishikawa, earn spots on Canada's Olympic cross country ski team.  Link here to CBC announcement.  Exciting cheering possibilities for the upcoming winter Olympic games as these talented northern athletes join Hay River biathlete, Brendan Green and Yellowknife speed skater, Michael Gilday, on team Canada.  Go Canada go!  Go northern Canada, go!  Go, Hay River, go!

Olympic Bulletin: Yellowknife snowboarder, Mollie Milligan (Link here) takes a shot at earning an Olympic snowboarding spot this Sunday, January 19, on CBC TV 2pm - 4pm.  Mollie is presently ranked third in Canada and needs a big day to advance to the Canadian Olympic team.   Tune in and send some positive NWT vibes her way!  Go, Mollie, go!


Pictured below: (left: Jesse Cockney and Emily Nishikawa)  (right: Michael Gilday leads the pack)


We will be posting race times for all the Olympic events featuring the above mentioned northern stars.  Brendan Green's first event will be the men's 10 K sprint on Saturday, February 8, 7:30 am.  Everyone will be able to follow the race on the biathlonworld web site.  Plans are in the offing to have Brendan's Saturday, February 8 10 K sprint race and Saturday, February 22 Canadian men's relay shown at the Don Stewart community hall :o).  Exciting!


Good news!  It's warming up.... :o), just in time for the annual Hay River Ski Club open house.  Check out the poster below.  There will be treats, sign ups, open trails, lots of extra snowshoes available for all.  Bring your friends and spread the word that everyone is welcome!

Brendan Green shot 19 out of 20 in the the 20 K event in Beitostolen, Norway, Friday, November 29.  Racing for Canada, Brendan captured the silver medal following up on Canadian team mate Nathan Smith's silver in the IBU 10 K sprint in IBU Cup 1 last week.  Team Canada is looking very sharp in this early Olympic season.  Excitement is growing and it seems that every race day another Canadian steps up with a sensational result.  In world cup action Thursday, Canadian veteran biathlete J. P. Leguellec just missed the podium with a fourth place in the the 20 K individual event at Hochfilson's World Cup event.   Go Canada, go!!!!!!! 

A big Hay River welcome to these early days of the new ski season!  :o)

Thank you Gary Hoffman for grading the road and parking lot!  We salute the Hay River Elks Club for your support in keeping the trusty grader tuned up, fueled up and ready to go throughout the winter. 

Once again, Pat Bobinski has the ski trails perfectly groomed and ready for classic and free style skiers, snowshoers and biathletes. Thank you Pat for over forty years of volunteer service to the club and community of Hay River.  We proudly claim to have the very best trail system anywhere.  

Pat's work began in the summer with some heavy chainsaw work clearing trails through the woods.  This fall he brush cut by hand and with the mower.  Over the past weeks Pat has shovelled by hand, skidoo packed and dragged early snow and virtually slept out at the club house in order to lay down the fresh snow into the pristine tracks and trail system you will find today and throughout the winter ahead.  The fresh snowfall over the weekend provided enough base for the trail signs.  Tonight, Monday, November 25th, marks the official opening of the club trails.  

Everyone is welcome!  Sign in above and register on line :o).  

More information will follow on this web site with regard to lessons, Jackrabbits for youth skiers, programs, clinics.  A world of winter recreation fun is ahead.